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I will post what I have, as soon as I can. I reserve the right to post nothing, in the event I miss a race. HA! If you have cool pics of an event, send me them before I make the slideshow, and I'll add them. Be quick!
Slide Shows
Videos from 2010
-February Practice Day
-Race 3/20
-Race 4/18
-Archive pics (2010)
-Hillclimb Sept Helmet Cam
(Click on HD if you have high speed)
-Race Feb 20th
-Race March 19th
-Race April 3rd
-Hillclimb June 11th
-Practice June 25th
-Race June 25th
-Hillclimb Sept 4th
-Race Sept 18th
-Poker Run Oct. 2nd
-Race Oct. 9th
-Race Oct. 30th
-Race Nov. 11th
2011 pics
-Race Feb 26th
2012 pics
-Race Mar 17th
-Race Mar 18th
-Race June 24th (250 pics)
-Race Sept 15/16th
-Race Oct 30th
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Working on a live feed camera,
stand by for updates
Typically, weather is considerably better here than in Seattle area.
Weather Forcast click here